With a dry heat of 85°C, the sauna will help eliminate toxins from your body and trigger feelings of wellbeing thanks to a release of endorphins, helping you sleep and relax. To revitalise yourself, head towards the nearby ice fountain and give your body a rub to close your pores.

Steam Room

The benefits of a steam room speak for themselves. Heated to 45°C, the hot steam helps open pores and eliminate toxins. Not only does it detoxify the body, but a steam room is also the perfect place to relax, unwind and release muscular tension.

Vitality Pool

You will find the Vitality Pool at the end of the swimming pool, heated to 33°C. Outside, relax in the heart of nature, enjoying the bubble beds, water jets and gentle fountains.

Indoor Swimming Pool

The Spa’s jewel in the crown. With its white pillars, big bay windows opening onto the garden and sunshine streaming in through the skylight, our indoor pool is the very definition of opulence. Heated, this 20 m pool is dedicated to relaxation and keeping in shape. Plunge into the deep blue waters and soothing atmosphere.

Sensory Shower

With its different flow settings, the sensory shower will awaken different sensations as the water touches your body. Experience this unique feeling in an area which is entirely dedicated to wellness and relaxation.


The laconium is the first stage before a sauna. Heated to 40°C, with a humidity level of just 20%, it is a perfect way to acclimatise yourself to sweating sessions. It is also an alternative for people who do not enjoy the extreme heat of a sauna or the high humidity of a steam room.

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