Terre Blanche welcomes three new residents!

On 27 June 2022, a hoopoe and a pair of squirrels moved to Terre Blanche after being taken in and raised by the CSAM (Centre de Soin de la Faune Sauvage des Alpes Maritimes) located in Saint-Cézaire-Sur-Siagne.

A true haven of peace for the local wildlife, Terre Blanche is a natural sanctuary, far from any form of degradation and predation generated by human activities.

Indeed, cities and concrete areas encourage competition between peaceful species, reinforcing the reduction of natural resources, like this little hoopoe attacked and seriously injured by magpies in Fréjus; or our two little squirrels, victims of pruning that left them without a nest from a very young age.

This is unfortunately the daily life of hundreds, even thousands of wild animals every day.

Luckily, our three little survivors were taken in by kind souls and taken care of in time by the CSAM.

Cared for, pampered and well-fed, they are now ready to regain their freedom in the Terre Blanche resort, a secure and perfectly preserved area.

Terre Blanche, a partner of the PACA pour Demain association, is a paragon of respect for nature. Under the close supervision of our Biodiversity Brigade, the 300-hectare resort has become a huge natural refuge for both fauna and local flora. So much so that a number of rare endemic plants and animals thrive there in complete peace!

Like one of our feathered mascots, the dark pheasant, who escaped from a hunting trip, our three new protégés will finally be able to turn the page and start a new chapter in their lives and, we are sure, will live happily in their new environment.

Discover their stories!


Attacked by magpies in the commune of Fréjus, this young hoopoe arrived at the centre on 29 April 2022, in shock, with injuries to its head and neck. 

Taken care of by CSAM volunteers, it was placed indoors on heating mats in the hope of soothing the trauma it had received.  

After regaining some energy, she was placed in a small aviary on 15 May in order to gradually get used to life outside. Once her health had been restored, she moved to a large aviary to test her flying ability. 

Last step validated! She is ready to fly again on her own and to leave the shelter to settle in a new secured green paradise.


The first squirrel arrived at the care centre on 27 March 2022, starving and very thin (only 53 grams). Following the fall of his nest due to pruning, he was found in St Tropez and taken in by the CSAM. 

As a youngster, he was fed with baby milk for a month, then with organic, sugar-free applesauce carefully prepared by the volunteers. 

About a month after his arrival, a small female squirrel joined him. Picked up in Sainte Maxime in better shape than her predecessor, she quickly adapted to life at the centre and joined her new companion on 19 May. 

More united than ever after these adventures, these two inseparables are now looking for a new, secure home where they can lead a quiet life away from the public eye.

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