A permanent commitment

At the end of the 1990s, Dietmar Hopp discovered the Terre Blanche site and fell in love with what was then a wasteland, a sad memory of a previous unfinished project.

Dietmar Hopp, an entrepreneur at heart, but also a passionate golfer, does not see what could not be done but rather what can be done.

Terre Blanche is the story of a development designed to provide the means for a passion and to share it, without upsetting the balance of nature, so fragile.

Prior to any intervention on the site, Terre Blanche carried out a phyto-sociological study of the site in order to identify the aquatic and wetland habitats, the temporary Mediterranean ponds, the forest stands in order to define the conservation issues of the natural habitats and the rare species to be protected.

These studies made it possible to define an eco-responsible approach to preserve a balance between the project's commercial objectives and the preservation, or even positive evolution, of the existing biological diversity.

The High Environmental Quality approach

Terre Blanche, a 300-hectare resort, has been conceived and designed to integrate perfectly into its surrounding landscape, while respecting the biodiversity and natural beauty of the countryside...


Irrigation water

Terre Blanche uses raw non-drinking water from the Siagne river, which in turn feeds the Saint-Cassien Lake located near Terre Blanche...


Run-off water

Nearly 15 retention basins are spread throughout the Resort, one of the main ones being the Albatros Golf Performance Center play area. With a capacity of 5,000 m3, it is a typical example of harmonious integration into the site, protecting nearby homes (inside and outside the Resort)...


The gullies

The gullies have several functions, of course aesthetic but above all practical and ecological. They collect rainwater, dissipate the energy of the volumes discharged into the Riou Blanc, while providing a favourable habitat for fauna and flora.


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Terre Blanche

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