A sunny day
on the theme of biodiversity!

Wildlife Day on Wednesday 20 July 2022

On Wednesday 20 July 2022, the first "Wildlife Day" took place, a day devoted to raising awareness among young and old alike about the preservation of local wildlife!

In partnership with the association from Grasse "PACA pour Demain", fun workshops were offered to our customers to help them discover the wealth of wildlife present at Terre Blanche.

Indeed, Terre Blanche is a true sanctuary of 300 hectares of nature where wildlife can prosper peacefully, far from any agitation caused by human activity. This is evidenced by the presence of many rare endemic plants and animals, such as the Bald Ibis which has found refuge on hole 6 of the Château course!

A fun and educational programme

On the programme of this day, our clients were able to meet the PACA pour demain team as well as the volunteers of the "Centre de Soin de la faune sauvage des Alpes Maritimes" (CSAM) in order to exchange on their actions in favour of biodiversity through playful workshops.

Indeed, adults and children had the opportunity to play a treasure hunt on a tablet designed exclusively for the event and with different levels of difficulty, where it was possible to "save" a small animal virtually (hedgehog, squirrel, owl, etc.). To do this, several tests were organised: quizzes, puzzles, locating the animal in its environment, and as a reward for each level, videos taken by the caretakers during the feeding of these animals!

For the younger children, the activities were more sensory: wooden puzzles, colouring, cutting out, collage... and above all, the creation of a huge "Biodiversity Mural", which was then displayed on the Proshop forecourt at snack time, a source of pride for our little budding artists and their parents.

Emotional moments

The day began with the release of two young kestrels and ended with the release of 16 swifts on the Terre Blanche site. Children, parents, customers and employees all gathered to share this emotional moment: the very first flight of these little swifts.

Did you know that? Once a young swift takes flight, it does not land for 3 years, until it reaches the right age for reproduction, when it will finally leave the air to build a nest!

This magical and moving show was the end of the first day... Disappointed not to have attended? We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 24 August 2022 for the second edition of the Wildlife Days in Terre Blanche, to live this extraordinary experience with us!

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