A state-of-the-art putting area

Equipped with 4 Wellputt instructional mats and a Bigtilt XL Pro platform, our new Putting Lab can be adapted to all your needs. Whether you just want to have fun, or improve your approach technique, the Putting Lab offers a full range of challenges and drills that are easily available through an application.

Our Pros have also been trained to perform extremely accurate analysis of your putting using CAPTO technology to collect detailed and reliable data in real time throughout your movement.

It will thus be possible to analyse your technique but also to carry out very precise fittings to check that your equipment is well adapted to your gesture.


120 €

1 hour

  • Wellputt access
  • Bigtilt Pro XL access
  • Initiation with a Terre Blanche Golf Academy Pro

Clean, spikeless sports shoes are required (soft spikes are not allowed).

Extra hour

80 €

1 extra hour

  • Wellputt access
  • Bigtilt Pro XL access
  • Available only to those already familiar with the Putting Lab

Clean, spikeless sports shoes are required (soft spikes are not allowed).

Wellputt Mats

The 3 Wellputt mats have been customised in collaboration with our Terre Blanche Golf Academy Pros. Perfectly calibrated to our learning methods, the mats will allow you to refine your approaches, strokes and finishes.

Bigtilt XL Pro

The BigTilt platform is a complete putting solution that replicates real-world playing situations, offering players the opportunity to practice on a variety of slopes from 0% to 5% from right to left and left to right.

A lighted line projection system called Well-Line completes the Bigtilt experience. Programmable through an easy-to-use application, Bigtilt offers a variety of exercises and challenges. 

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