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The "place" to be

Children have a marvellous ability to be amazed and moved by every discovery they make, however big or small. This innocence is slowly lost as we grow up, and only occasionally re-emerges. Your first visit to Tourrettes, a small hilltop village in the district of Fayence, is one of these rare occasions. You will simply be amazed by the spectacle of pure, striking beauty it provides.

Featuring a maze of narrow medieval streets, the village doesn't seem that unusual at first glimpse, especially for seasoned travellers and history buffs.

But then...surprise!

Right in the heart of the village, you’ll discover the truly majestic Place de la Liberation. It is not unique architecture or artificial grandiosity that makes the square so stunning. Its appeal lies in how perfectly it suits its surroundings. It is as if this square was designed and built to showcase its location.

Both spacious and highly intimate, the square sets off its stunning surroundings like a theatre backdrop designed by a master. The air is filled with the delicate, relaxing sound of the huge plane trees protecting the square, swaying in the gentle breeze.

More than a few visitors have fallen under the powerful spell of this almost magical place, and have never left!

Take Emily for example, our host for the day, who arrived one day and will stay, (we hope) for ever!

A wine bar? No, much more than that!

La Vigne Vincent is, above all, the story of an Englishwoman who fell in love with a place. She shares this love with us today by granting us the perfect end to a wonderful day.

Just like "La Pause Tourrettane" restaurant next door, our favourite wine bar helps create a world that appeals to and monopolises the five senses.

With her excellent wine list, Emily takes us on a trip through Provence and the rest of the world without ever falling into the trap of selecting wines purely on a supply-and-demand basis. The list is constantly updated and promises new discoveries each time, particularly from local producers. You are thus given the chance, and privilege, to try some unique and rare bottles, rather than whatever happens to be in fashion.

And when it comes to food, it’s hard to resist the generous tapas platters that offer a baffling array of fare. As with her wines, Emily chooses her food according to the seasons and her latest finds. Her love of the good life and desire to share it with others drives her to offer something new each time. From cheeses and charcuterie to local and more exotic specialities, there's something for everyone here.

Don't miss: the beautiful spring and summer sunsets.

La Vigne Vincent

  • Terre Blanche
  • La Vigne Vincent

3100 Route de Bagnols-en-Forêt
83440 Tourrettes | Var | Provence Côte d'Azur
+33 (0)4 94 39 90 00

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