Christophe Schmitt, our new Chef des Cuisines, is eager to show you his vision of cooking, focusing on "farm on table" and the use of our Web Application launched in July 2020. This in order to dynamise our culinary offer and to always surprise you with new dishes according to ingredients propopsed by the local farmers of "Pays de Fayence" and "Var".

True flavours, lisibility...

"My inspirations are imbued with the Provencal terroir, in particular our "Pays de Fayence" where local producers and craftsmen deliver the best of their harvests on daily basis. My cooking is meant to be readable, respectful of the environment and of the right taste, without distorting the product but on the contrary by enhancing it through the precision of the cooking".

Local products

The Pays de Fayence abounds in countless producers, offering goods as varied as they are exceptional. The richness of this terroir, benefiting from an ideal natural setting, is the favourite playground of our Chefs.

From the delicious ewe's milk cheeses of the Ferme des Claux, to the organic eggs of Bagnols-en-Forêt, or the lemons of Tanneron, there is a long list of passionate farmers whose products can be found in all the restaurants of Terre Blanche Hotel.

At Le Gaudina restaurant, the breakfast buffet features local specialties, highlighted by a small poster presenting the producer and his farm, as well as home-made breads and pastries from our bakery.
Beyond a responsible approach, it is the desire to make our customers discover unique flavours, combining know-how and a particularly rich terroir.


Discover Hugo and Anne-Noëlle, our cheerful and passionate permacultivators...

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LA ferme des claux,

Not to be missed: the delicious sheep's cheeses from the Ferme des Claux, famous in the region....

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ORGANIC EGGS FROM Bagnols en foret

Situated in the heart of nature, 100% organic and high quality chickens and eggs...

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Cheeses from

A family cheese dairy, founded in 1983, offering the best of goat's cheeses, raised in the open air...

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Lemon from tanneron

Close to Terre Blanche, the village of Tanneron is famous for its tasty lemons....

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Terre blanche's bakery

All of Terre Blanche's breads and pastries are homemade by our talented bakers....

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A constantly renewed Menu

Chef Christophe Schmitt and his teams will offer you a continuously renewed menu throughout the year. The new application, updated daily, will allow you to discover new dishes according to the arrivals of fresh seasonal products... 

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