The Mediterranean: where art is born

The Mediterranean is, without doubt, an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Sara Susini draws on the artistic influences of her beautiful native island, Sardinia. The many plants and sea creatures which thrive in the blue seas surrounding the island provide one of the themes of this energetic and very friendly Italian's work.

An incredible collection of ceramics, ranging from Mediterranean sea urchins to diverse and varied pottery, awaits you in her small workshop 'Itinéraires Céramique'.

Itinéraires Céramique

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Who is Sara?

Sara has been obsessed with ceramics since she was a small child, so much so that it sometimes seems to be an part of her DNA. Although she discovered this passion through her family’s devotion to the art, she has dedicated herself to ceaselessly nurturing and developing it.

She arrived in France at the age of 19, when her career took her to the French capital, where she worked in Marketing and Communication for a large company. Finally, her creativity took her on a new course and she quit the hectic tedium of the capital to start a new, sunnier life to the soundtrack of cicada song in Provence.

This was her long-awaited opportunity to give free rein to her lifelong passion!

In 2011, she opened Itinéraires Céramique, a meeting space for both amateur and professional ceramic artists.

Passing on her passion

Based in the small medieval village of Callian, Sara readily shares her passion with budding artists and anyone who is interested. With Phillippe Walther, a ceramicist who specialises in wheel throwing, she offers ceramics lessons by appointment, to help everyone bring out their creativity and artistic nature. You’ll learn the methods and stages of ceramics production: shaping, wheel throwing, decoration and more.


Itinéraires Céramique: 2 Rue de Lyle, 83440 Callian 
Telephone: +33 (0)4 89 71 03 34

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