Gullies with multiple functions


The gullies were created in existing talwegs to collect runoff and regulate the flow through an adapted architecture


    The successive diversion bays, interrupted by the lakes, delay the volumes discharged into the Riou Blanc and reduce the speed of the water flow


      The gullies, with their cascades, oxygenate the water during the period of operation in a closed circuit and prevent its eutrophication while creating spaces conducive to the development of reedbeds and living or dormant water bodies favourable to diversity.


        Within the framework of the operation of golf courses by means of an operation reconstituting the assembly stunts.


          The pumping stations are equipped with a programmer that manages the activation of the water delivery pumps according to strict commercial needs.

          This programming also aims to minimise evaporation, which is particularly important in the waterfalls, where everyone can appreciate the refreshing atmosphere, due to the evaporation of running water, which is synonymous with endothermics, and to manage electricity consumption as little as possible.


          The design of the gullies, due to their watertight structure, preserves the volumes of water available and their reuse in operation outside of bad weather in a closed circuit, the water being pumped from the downstream lake to the artificial source of the 2 gullies.

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