Waterproofed surfaces (roofs, roads, terraces, etc.) concentrate rainfall which, when collected in this way, creates instantaneous flows that cause flooding that is as devastating as it is unpredictable.

Hydrocarbons, deposited in dry periods due to human activities and the circulation of vehicles with combustion engines on roads, are washed away by rain and collected in separate rainwater networks equipped with hydrocarbon separator tanks.

Thus, runoff water reintroduced and cleaned up in the natural environment is a Terre Blanche specificity.


  • 15 flood control basins
  • Albatros Golf Performance Center playground, with a capacity of 5000 m3

The waterproofed surfaces generate, during each rainy episode, significant instantaneous flows that must be regulated before being reintroduced into the natural environment.

The 15 skimming basins created by Terre Blanche control, delay and calibrate the volumes of water reintroduced into the natural environment.

The Albatros Golf Performance Center play area is one of the main retention basins on Terre Blanche, with a capacity of 5,000 m3 and constituting, by its dual functionality, the typical example of harmonious insertion into the site. This cone-shaped flood control basin was modelled by adding the excavated earth from the various concomitant programmes.


  • Cleaning of run-off water

The purpose of the oil separators, installed between 2000 and 2003, is to clean run-off water from the roads before it is redirected to our lakes, gullies or to the natural environment, i.e. the Riou Blanc.

This installation is unique, as public roads are not equipped with this type of equipment.

Pollution by hydrocarbons from road traffic that is deposited on the roads (at each rainy episode, the slippery state of the roads can be seen before they are washed away by run-off water) is directly discharged into the environment. 

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