The forest park of the Château Bouge

Terre Blanche, with the support of an audit report by a specialist, manages the forest park of the Château Bouge.

This park, which is made up of remarkable or endangered species, is maintained to ensure regeneration by creating clearings that provide the necessary light for the undergrowth to develop.

Our clearing brigade

Instead of mechanical clearing, which is only used in inaccessible areas, Terre Blanche has opted for a win/win approach by using a brigade of 4 donkeys, which have also become Terre Blanche mascots.

This reasoned and ecological clearing of undergrowth contributes to the maintenance of wild spaces, protection against fire and the preservation of the biotope.
The clearing of the Resort's woods and undergrowth is planned according to a multi-year plan, inspired in its application by good fallow cultivation practices.

This selective clearing maintains natural habitats without disturbing biodiversity: noise pollution is reduced to zero, natural recycling of clearing products, respect for existing flora through natural selectivity.


Prior to any cutting or pruning of remarkable woods, such as the wood surrounding the Château Bouge, Terre Blanche commissions an environmentalist specialising in Mediterranean natural environments.

The audit of the natural habitat, flora and remarkable trees to be preserved defines a pruning programme designed to maintain the remarkable natural areas in perfect phytosanitary condition.

The pruning products are chipped and scattered in the undergrowth, thus being reintroduced into the natural environment.


Terre Blanche, wherever necessary, taking into account the natural cycle of life, replaces dead trees with storage of the cuttings on site to form insect hotels and undertakes reforestation with endemic species more resistant to pests.



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