The philosophy

The energy audits of equipment carried out in 2015 define the five-year programme to improve energy performance while reducing the carbon footprint of the Resort's activities.

The audits cover energy consumption (gas, electricity), but also points for improving equipment to improve the consumption balance by limiting heat and cold losses.
Energy balances were carried out on the Terre Blanche Hotel, the Clubhouse and Terre Blanche Spa, with modelling and simulation of consumption and losses.

Energy saving thresholds define the objectives in line with the environmental gains sought in relation to the investments required to meet these objectives.

The equipment

After 20 years of activity, the feedback and the perfect knowledge of the operating processes offer answers and a definition of the main points of improvement to reduce energy losses.

In order to strike the right balance between optimum operation and energy consumption control, a programme of equipment renovation has been underway since 2010, with the aim of eliminating the points of loss.


Replacing the main French opening doors, the automatically sensing sliding doors are used both for service and by customers.

This equipment helps to eradicate bad practice (doors left open inadvertently or for convenience) while minimising the waste flows inherent in the operation of the equipment.


The external joinery, with double thermal break (latest generation profile), meets the 2012 thermal regulations.


The pergolas with adjustable slats are controlled by home automation, on the terrace of the Faventia and Gaudina restaurants.

The inclination of the slats regulates the heat input and helps to maintain an optimum ambient temperature in rooms exposed to the sun.


Incandescent lamps are being replaced by low-energy equipment, some with presence detectors, reducing their use to a strict minimum.


The suites are networked to be managed in terms of heating and air conditioning accessibility from the Terre Blanche Hotel Reservations service.


3 refrigeration units and cooling towers were replaced by 2 latest generation air-cooled units, running on R134A refrigerant, reducing health risks to zero, with significant energy savings.


Renovation work on the light sources on ASL Terre Blanche roads was carried out with the aim of reducing light pollution. Flux-directed light-emitting diodes (LEDs) were chosen to replace sodium lamps on the existing lampposts.

The energy saving of LEDs compared to sodium lamps is 55%. 

To complete this renovation campaign and further improve the light output while neutralising the lighting of green areas, masks were glued on the glass panes and on 3 or 2 sides depending on the case, which drastically reduces light pollution in the areas that do not need to be lit.

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