The architecture

Designed by golf architect Dave Thomas, the golf courses have been sculpted to collect, while respecting the rules of play and the aesthetics of the fairways, a maximum of water through artificial talwegs. As part of the infrastructure, drains to collect rainwater and surplus water were positioned to collect this water in gullies and lakes.



Terre Blanche had no available topsoil resources on site.

  • On-site production of topsoil
  • Contribution of natural organic matter

To solve the equation of lack of soil / creation of a golf course without mobilising distant deposits, synonymous with destruction, but also with the unreasonable transport of thousands of tons, Terre Blanche has manufactured a large part of its topsoil by reusing materials, by-products of on-site crushing, and mixing with organic inputs such as compost or manure from livestock farms that are always looking for recycling outlets.


  • Extremely precise and economical watering
  • State of the art irrigation system

The watering of the golf courses, in a site of 300 ha with a diversified topography, with a necessary regulation of the water needs, a resource limited by quotas defined administratively (3 complementary moderating criteria: daily volume, instantaneous flow, annual volume), is managed by a computer equipment allowing, on a case by case basis and according to the seasons, of the sunshine, a watering with the most accurate of each sector.


  • Conversion of flora
  • Appropriate means of watering

Terre Blanche is mainly exposed to the north side of the course with some fairways in the shade, especially during the winter solstice.

The large temperature differences between day and night, which can exceed 20°C, require the adaptation of watering methods, but also of the types of turf capable of withstanding such conditions.

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Terre Blanche

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