Terre Blanche, Land of nature

Since its creation, Terre Blanche has been a haven of peace in the heart of lush nature. Everything has always been designed to allow wildlife to flourish. This is a true philosophy of life, a daily commitment and major investments in order to constantly ensure a neutral impact on the environment.
In 2019, Terre Blanche was awarded with a "Silver Medal" as part of the Golf for Biodiversity programme, a project initiated in 2017 by the French Golf Federation, in partnership with the Museum of Natural History.

Today, our undisguised objective is to obtain the "Gold" label, the grail of years of analysis, human and financial investment to bring our concept to life, in perfect harmony with a philosophy in which nature has an essential place.


Composed of 3 Terre Blanche collaborators, our brigade, in partnership with our consultant, the Eco Med company, will collect the naturalist data that can be used to follow the ecological evolution of the Resort in the years to come.


of golf courses

Sébastien is the supervisor of our courses. The setting of our resort and the material means at his disposal are major assets that pushed him to leave his native North to settle with his family in the region.


    Green spaces manager

    Jérôme has been in charge of the green spaces for 10 years and is actively involved in modelling the landscape and creating the flower beds, which he maintains with passion all year round.
    The objective of a label represents a magnificent challenge, which he takes up with pleasure and brilliance!


      Team leader

      Kevin is very sensitive to environmental issues. His greatest motivation? The eco-responsible management of the courses, Terre Blanche being a forerunner in course maintenance techniques (elimination of phytosanitary products, choice of an ecological grass, less greedy for water and resistant to disease...)

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        Terre Blanche