The biodiversity of Terre Blanche in all its states!

A preserved and protected place!

In the heart of the pretty village of Tourrettes lies the Resort de Terre Blanche, situated between hills and golf courses. This place is not only a paradise for golfers, it also hosts an emblematic fauna and flora for the simple nature lover.

Here, nature sees double! Between sea and mountain, and also between limestone and silica, the interface benefits a whole wild life...

The Terre Blanche teams are accompanied by experts in ecology, acting in favour of the preservation and improvement of biodiversity.

A sanctuary for wildlife

Nature is rich and diverse here in this splendid corner of Provence! In this wooded refuge, dotted with lakes and valleys and covered with scrubland, we find a fauna and flora that are both adapted to the Provençal climate, but also to the fact that the animals here share their lives with humans, whether they live here or are just passing through.

Among the flagship species, it is possible, but with a little luck, to observe Hermann's Tortoise, our only wild French land tortoise. Many turtles escape from gardens, but this one lives naturally in the south and east of Tourrettes and the largest local population is in the Maures plain, further south. Another rare and endangered species can find refuge, shelter and cover in the water: the Cistude turtle. The more open limestone hillsides allow many other reptiles, but also a great wealth of insects and birds, to come and live in the fresh air of Terre Blanche.

An eco-responsible approach initiated since its creation

Since its creation, Terre Blanche has been committed to a responsible environmental approach, and more recently to a label aimed at the latest level of excellence: the Gold level. Players, residents and local workers benefit from life-size awareness and there is no shortage of ideas here: the latest being to improve the reception of bats which come here to feed between the fairways of the courses, Terre Blanche Golf has just installed new nesting boxes in some of the attics of the service buildings or old abandoned buildings.

Preserving nature is everyone's business and since last year the establishment has been equipped with an application that allows you to take advantage of real-time information on the local flora and fauna. It's the wild world connected to today's world! A certain modernity with a view to encouraging, with concrete and sustainable actions, the respect of nature during leisure and relaxation time.

La biodiversité à Terre Blanche

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