Experienced competitors and professional players, boost your game with the Campus package

Terre Blanche Golf Academy offers an exclusive, tailor-made program for experienced competitors and high-level players, both professionals and amateurs.

Supervised by a team of qualified coaches, the Campus package is a complete programme that includes technical, mental and physical training.
The Campus package gives you access to the exceptional sports facilities of the Albatros Golf Performance Center as well as the 2 championship courses.

From 4 weeks

A flexible formula, players can schedule their training weeks throughout the year according to their objectives and their competition calendar.
Intensive 4-weeks package: 2 200 €
Reduced rate from 10 weeks: 4 300 €

Access to two
championship courses

During the week, players have free access to the resort's 2 18-hole courses, reputed to be among the bests in Europe.


Technical coaching

In a training box or on the course, players are supervised by professional teachers to work on and optimise all aspects of the game (playing strategies, routine, short game, putting, etc.).

Physical coaching

Physical preparation is an important part of the Campus program. A gym equipped with a full range of sports equipment is available to players, under the guidance of a physical trainer.

Mental coaching

Players benefit from mental coaching sessions to improving their self-confidence and concentration, as well as acquiring stress management techniques to deliver 100% of their potential, even in competition.

Access to the Albatros Golf Performance Center

Terre Blanche Golf Academy benefits from a state-of-the-art training centre, the only one of its kind in Europe, with European Tour Performance Institute accreditation. The Campus package gives players privileged access to its cutting-edge equipment, with unlimited balls.

Fitting and calibration of clubs

These club fitting and calibration sessions are supervised by our specialists equipped with the latest generation of Trackman©.

Accommodation option

From November to March, players have the possibility to stay in the nearby the Albatros Golf Performance Center (optional) in the 'Les Mercuriales' residence.

Technical coaching

Mental coaching

Physical coaching including access to the gym

Access to courses according to availability

Access to the small game areas

Unlimited balls
at the driving range

The first team :
two-time French champions

The Terre Blanche first team, made up of players who train at the Terre Blanche Golf Academy, was twice crowned French team champions at the famous Trophée Gounouilhou in 2020 and 2021.

Terre Blanche Golf: 1st training centre for the Pôle France Elite

Terre Blanche has been chosen by the French Golf Federation to host the centre of excellence and performance reserved for elite French players under the age of 18 (Pôle France Boys).

Terre Blanche Golf Academy

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