A timeless sheep farm

Daniel Marin is a man with a shepherd’s soul and a heart devoted to cheese making. He’ll be sure to introduce you to his passion for flavour and good food.
This quiet and industrious young local has worked tirelessly to build up this business, which could almost be the fruit of the labour of many generations. But Daniel started his business just a year ago, armed with only the experience he had gained on the family's wine estate and, more importantly, a great passion for sheep cheese.

Now, his herd consists of around a hundred sheep raised in the tranquillity of a farm covering several hectares, far off the beaten track.

Just a quick look around is all you need to realise what perfect surroundings his sheep enjoy: with breathtaking views of hilltop villages and lush meadows as far as the eye can see, silence reigns, only broken by the gentle breeze stirring the fruit trees and the vines of the family estate.

La Ferme des Claux

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Breaking the mould

The Marin family's expertise has been passed down through several generations of wine-growers. Young Daniel set himself apart with his willingness to innovate and to break free from a future which seemed set in stone.

Daniel has acquired extensive knowledge about nature and environmental issues, from fire safety to forestry, whilst remaining focused on his goal for the future. All the hard work has paid off. Thanks to his farming experience, he and his wife are now building up a business with a bright future, which has already received the seal of approval from peers and, especially, their customers!

Award-winning cheeses

At last year’s Brignoles agricultural show, Daniel won a Silver Medal for three of his delicious products: brousse (a white lumpy whey cheese), yoghurt and broussin (a strong and piquant fromage fort). Not a bad effort for such a new business!

The Ferme des Claux enjoys a fine reputation in the Pays de Fayence. Its cheeses and dairy produce are now musts for anyone with a taste for sheep cheese.
Daniel offers a wide variety of produce: from the fresh faisselle (unsalted curd) and brousse to the subtle yet strong tomme (semi-hard, pressed cheese), all a real treat for your taste buds. You’ll find them in plenty of local restaurants, including the Michelin-starred Faventia.

Ferme des claux

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