A rare and traditional art

Glass-blowing is a traditional art form dating from several centuries BC. This technique allows the artisan to mould glass into different shapes, creating objects which are both of practical value and works of art.
The tradition of glass-blowing in Provence dates back thousands of years, but it was given a new lease of life in 1956 with the invention of bubbled glass in Biot. It was in Biot that Arnold spent 8 years learning the ropes before he became a master glass maker. He then set himself up in one of the Var's last remaining traditional glass works, in the village of Montauroux, and thus, this master craftsman became master of his own destiny.

The glass works in Montauroux were established in 1974. Arnold took over in 2006 after the retirement of the former glass maker. Today, he continues to use the famous bubbled glass technique.

Unique works of art

His workshop also serves as a shop, where he works alone and takes pleasure in organising visits for those curious to watch demonstrations of his art form.

He sells unique items and is always inventing new shapes and techniques such as overlaying colours and adding gold leaf inlays. But Arnold doesn’t stop there! He also produces unusual creations made from phosphorescent glass, which stores light energy to glow in the dark! It's no surprise that there are over a hundred items on sale: tableware, home accessories, lamps, candle holders, sculptures and even clocks and jewellery.

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