Phytosanitary treatments

Terre Blanche favours the use of biostimulant products (organic and biological).

Low toxicity and non-persistent products are selected to protect biodiversity and users (staff and clients).

The products used are all validated by the European Directive 91/414/EEC.


The fluff residues and washing water from the spreading equipment are recovered and treated by the EVAPOPHYT system (forced evaporation with concentration of the products for specialised dumping with filtration of the evaporation vapours on activated carbon).


The washing area is sheltered from the weather to avoid unnecessary treatment of rainwater.

Cleaning products

Terre Blanche favours the use of eco-labelled cleaning products.

Information is available to the teams, dealing with the harmfulness, or even toxicity, of the cleaning products, for each work unit, the products used and the manufacturers' safety data sheets, updates of which are available on the Internet.

Product identification

Hazard identification

The composition of the product

Measures to be taken 
   in case of accidental dispersion

The physical and chemical 
   and chemical

Areas of use, etc.

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