Pheasants, wild ducks and geese rest here and even take up residence.

Deer have also preferred to come to Terre Blanche to be safe from predators and even hunters eager to regulate the deer population.

Unfortunately for the fairways, a few herds of wild boar also find refuge there to feed and escape the beatings.

Terre Blanche, through the creation of lakes and the permanent presence of living or still water, without which life would not exist, contributes to the safeguarding of endemic wild species (turtles, batrachians, fish, etc.).


A biological corridor between Terre Blanche and the Lake of Saint Cassien, a few kilometres away, has been established. Our waterfalls, gullies and lakes are all wetlands or reedbeds conducive to the development of the hunting population and are naturally stocked.


Terre Blanche, through the creation of lakes and the permanent presence of living or still water, without which life would not exist, contributes to the preservation of endemic wild species (turtles, amphibians, fish, etc.).

Amenity wildlife

Terre Blanche has set up a programme to reintroduce endemic species, which have unfortunately practically disappeared in the wild, such as swans and geese.

Koi carp and black bass have been introduced into the storage lakes in predefined numbers to maintain an ecological balance.

Bees as ecological sentinels

Bees are the first visible indicator of the good ecological health of our natural areas.

The good practices implemented on Terre Blanche in the reasoned use of ecological and pharmaceutical phytosanitary products allow us to consume the honey produced, free of any chemical pollution.

Bees are also one of the best vectors for raising the awareness of the younger generation on the absolute necessity of maintaining, in all circumstances, a biotope favourable to their mission of pollination without which all life on earth will disappear.

The fragility of the natural environment is better understood and the consequences of each act are also better understood.

The entomofauna is also remarkably well preserved on Terre Blanche, as witnessed by the flights of swallows and other insect and rodent hunters.

The aromatic vegetable garden

An aromatic vegetable garden, in the heart of the resort, offers around fifteen aromatic plants used by our Chefs.

It is also a vector for raising awareness of seasonality that the development of supermarkets and globalisation has made us forget.

Accepting the constraints of seasonality is the first step towards an eco-responsible and environmentally friendly approach.

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