As a matter of principle, Terre Blanche has systematically favoured, through a long-term vision that is economical in terms of operation, the burial of any structure that does not require an overhead installation, an installation that is unfortunately and all too often dictated by an economic consideration of immediate profitability.

Furthermore, the accessibility of the networks for their adaptation to technical evolutions and to the imperatives of upkeep and maintenance was privileged, thus preserving de facto the landscape installations that buried networks could not sustain.

The impact in terms of waterproofing of the surface is also reduced and thus contributes to a reasoned management of runoff water for which the most permeable surfaces are necessary to reduce instantaneous flows.

The technical gallery

Terre Blanche Hotel, a Provencal village at heart, is organised around the main building. The suites and villas are irrigated by means of an underground technical gallery running under the cart tracks.

This work has become a reference, an example and even a theme of "what to do", for any assimilable programme.


This technical gallery, after having met, in the construction phase, the objectives of site organisation, allows, in operation, permanent maintenance of the equipment without harming the operation of the hotel and the peace of mind of the guests.


This gallery also allows Terre Blanche Hotel to adapt permanently to new technologies at a lower cost, without any surface works impacting the plant cover.


The connection of fluids, energy and drainage networks to each villa is carried out by means of a technical gallery buried under the carriageways.

The raw water filtration unit

The raw water from Lake St Cassien is more or less turbid, depending on the weather and runoff, with alluvial deposits in the catchment areas.

Terre Blanche has equipped itself with a mechanical filtration unit (sand filters) to make the raw water usable for drip irrigation and microsprinklers.

Underground car parks

In order to reduce the amount of waterproofed surfaces and the amount of land used, Terre Blanche has favoured the burial of its structures, which has also considerably reduced the visual impact of unsightly equipment that is also a source of heat due to the reverberation of solar radiation.

For example, for each vehicle, it is necessary to provide 25m² per vehicle, including traffic.

By superimposing the parking levels, these impacts on the ground are divided by the number of floors constituted.

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