An ongoing commitment

An ongoing commitment

With the constant desire to evolve without ever imposing itself, Terre Blanche has been built on a set of measures aimed at minimising its impact on the environment, while developing biodiversity within its extraordinary ecosystem.

More than just a commercial concept, Terre Blanche is the product of a true life philosophy. The resort not only respects the environment, but also takes on a major social and economic dimension in its beautiful region.

Through this comprehensive feature, you can discover the story of an ongoing commitment imagined, led and strengthened by men and women whose shared passion has made a dream a reality.

GEO and "Silver" Label Certified

This commitment began 15 years ago and is reflected today in the GEO© Certification awarded to Terre Blanche in 2016 and the “Silver Label” awarded by the French Golf Federation as part of the Golf Programme for Biodiversity.

Our philosophy

Terre Blanche, or the story of a passion and a desire to share, without upsetting the balance of nature.

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Inspired by nature, Terre Blanche has been designed using a sustainable model that goes far beyond recommendations and standards.

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With the utmost respect for its environment, the resort has achieved technical feats to ensure a neutral impact on nature.

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Adopting and maintaining an environmentally responsible approach requires effort on a daily basis, which the resort is constantly improving and optimising.

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Man bears a solemn responsibility to protect and improve the environment
for present and future generations

Stockholm Conference 1972

A remarkable golf course

Pictures are a far better way to discover our initiatives than lengthy explanations, so here is Jean Marie Casella, Director of Golf at Terre Blanche, to introduce you to our initiatives to support the environment.




FFG video

Discover our actions in favour of the environment, in partnership with the French Golf Federation.


Flora and fauna

The resort is a true nature reserve that attests to its remarkable indigenous biodiversity. It is a refuge for many endangered species of animals and plants (European pond turtles, Hermann's tortoises, bats, wild orchids, etc.).


Immersion in Provence

Particularly keen to offer the best of what Provence and the Pays de Fayence have to offer, Terre Blanche invites you to discover the local culture and those who participate in it.


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83440 Tourrettes | Var | Provence Côte d'Azur
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Terre Blanche